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PRAGMATEC® is a Knowledge Transfer and Technology Commercialization company derived from the need to strengthen the innovation ecosystem in Mexico by offering services of identification, development, support and commercialization of technologic proposals with a global impact. PRAGMATEC® plays an important role in the field of innovation and business development in which inventors, entrepreneurs, higher education institutions, innovation clusters, technology transfer offices and investors join efforts to launch new ventures. PRAGMATEC® comprises a group of experts and strategic partners in Mexico and in the United States that make use of proven methodologies and software tools to improve results in technology-based projects. The transfer office not only consists of a robust network of professionals with experience in launching startups, but it also has access to numerous groups of investors looking for opportunities in various industries such as health sciences, information and communication technology, social media, food and beverage, cloud services, renewable energy, biometric security, transportation, materials, construction and many others. Our headquarters in Mexico are in Guadalajara, Jalisco state.
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Av. Faro Núm. 2350, Interior 1E
Col. Verde Valle C.P. 44550
Guadalajara, Jalisco

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Chitosan-based wound dressing that stimulates the closure, neovascularization and permanent regeneration of dermis in diabetic feet’s ulcers. It reduces the risk of amputation in patients.This innovation can also be used to prevent or treat wound and burn infections, not only due to its intrinsic an[…]

The ELISA kit (enzyme-linked immune sorbent assay) facilitates the early detection of breast cancer using the serum of both patients with and without breast cancer as new diagnostic early biomarkers. It is affordable in price, gentle, painless and does not require costly equipment. This is the first[…]

This portable, non-invasive device scans different areas of cervical tissue, taking electrical measurements in different frequency ranges, optical measurements and wavelengths. The measurements are then processed by a configurable device or micro-controller in accordance with mathematical formulas o[…]

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