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PRAGMATEC® is a Knowledge Transfer and Technology Commercialization company derived from the need to strengthen the innovation ecosystem in Mexico by offering services of identification, development, support and commercialization of technologic proposals with a global impact. PRAGMATEC® plays an important role in the field of innovation and business development in which inventors, entrepreneurs, higher education institutions, innovation clusters, technology transfer offices and investors join efforts to launch new ventures. PRAGMATEC® comprises a group of experts and strategic partners in Mexico and in the United States that make use of proven methodologies and software tools to improve results in technology-based projects. The transfer office not only consists of a robust network of professionals with experience in launching startups, but it also has access to numerous groups of investors looking for opportunities in various industries such as health sciences, information and communication technology, social media, food and beverage, cloud services, renewable energy, biometric security, transportation, materials, construction and many others. Our headquarters in Mexico are in Guadalajara, Jalisco state.
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Technology Transfer Network
Av. Faro Núm. 2350, Interior 1E
Col. Verde Valle C.P. 44550
Guadalajara, Jalisco

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This portable, non-invasive device scans different areas of cervical tissue, taking electrical measurements in different frequency ranges, optical measurements and wavelengths. The measurements are then processed by a configurable device or micro-controller in accordance with mathematical formulas o[…]

* Award-winner ADIAT (The Mexican Association of Directors of Applied Research and Technological Development) * Ultra-high-performance against bullet impacts and explosives * High deformation degree and energy absorption * Fast drying * High durability and abrasion resistance * Precast mod[…]

This novel invention makes it possible to use the Persea Americana avocado seed as the raw material for the extraction of polyphenolic materials, considering the prior elimination of nonpolar substances that may have some toxicity. The present invention refers to a polyphenol extract from the seed […]

Key to the harvesting and “jima” processes is the utilization of a specialized agricultural tool known as a “coa”, which requires the strength of skilled human laborers for its effective use in performing these operations in as little time as possible, and this reality is a constraint upon the produ[…]

Contrary to protein-based product, this topic doesn't produce negative reactions (it is toxic-free). The raw material used for manufacture of this product have very low-cost ingredients giving as a result a more affordable product that offers an affordable solution to patients. While other products […]

Klinobind® capsules work only at the level of the intestinal tract and hence is not metabolized. Our product naturally attracts toxins, nitrosamines and heavy metals, eliminating them within 24 hours by means of the natural digestion mechanism. The main active in Klinobind® might also be used for t[…]

Under the conditions of climate and geography of Mexico, data from the Comisión Nacional del Agua (CONAGUA) indicate that 90% of the plants wastewater treatment operation in the country correspond to technologies "activated sludge" and "stabilization ponds). Our treatment train combines physical,[…]

This new method produces nanoscale boron nitride materials in various forms: spherical, filamentary and flattened, consisting of nanospheres made ​​from hexagonal boron nitride phase without purification treatment. Another new aspect is that these nanoscale materials have characteristics that differ[…]

This device uses a method of combining a carbon precursor gas such as methane and hydrogen for the synthesis of doped and undoped diamond with nitrogen with ammonia (NH3) and diborane (B2H6), by passing the combination of gases by a tungsten resistance (2000 ° C) to dissociate gas, controlling flow,[…]

This technology is a novel device for measuring heat transfer coefficient at building walls. The invention consists in an apparatus for measuring thermal properties of full-scale construction materials, base walls of 1.20 m base by 2.10 m height. It can measure samples of different types of prefabri[…]

There is a shortage of solutions that are truly effective in protecting plants against the many natural and external factors that cause stress. Currently, there is not a solution that provides immediate improvement to a plant’s health. While fertilizers may ameliorate a plant’s present condition, th[…]

Pozzolime® forges and hardens like portland cement.It generates less contraction compared to other materials on the market. It is an ecologic invention that has high resistance and low carbon foot print. An important thing to consider is that the quantity to be used in different applications can be[…]

Our method is easy to perform and allows to achieve the desired product in a short time. In contrast to current existing chemical methods. The used chemical elements and additional ingredients are cheap, non-contaminant and easy to find. No external energy sources are required in the formation proce[…]

Our method of synthesis is based on the use of a natural extract rich in antioxidant molecules. Polyphenolic compounds are present in the extract; for instance, resveratrol and cathechins (also found in green tea). In the scientific litterature there are no reports in which nanoparticles are synthes[…]

The heliostats are most commonly used in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants, where a large amounts of sun radiation is reflected into a central tower to convert heat into energy. However, the heliostats are mostly huge in size, making difficult the process of mounting an heliostat or to give main[…]

This nanostructured metal carbide, when measuring the magnetization curve, presents a soft ferromagnetic characteristic coercivity making it very fast to demagnetize without loss of energy, which makes it superior to any known materials for magnetic applications such as dampers for automobiles. The […]

Integrated servo motors reduce components and maintenance costs. Smart control is capable to make decisions for security, it has digital inputs/outputs able to control external devices. It also produces its own energy, making it completely wireless. The mirrors deformation mechanism can easil[…]

Using the cheapest components in the market, the control system developed is able to control azimuth and elevation angles which allows each heliostat to track the solar motion and redirect the solar ray toward a desired position. Additionaly, the control system uses and open a loop scheme and steppe[…]

A single computer controls thousands of heliostats in a field with a (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) control system, which has a wireless network with a mesh topology, which means that there is no need for access points or more communication infrastructure than a wireless modem in […]

The innovation is the proposal a new sustainable product for the construction industry, using residues from marble quarries and plastic residues after a trituration process in order to obtain small flakes, the purpose to use plastic is to encapsulate them, for medioambiental process, and also to rei[…]

The ELISA kit (enzyme-linked immune sorbent assay) facilitates the early detection of breast cancer using the serum of both patients with and without breast cancer as new diagnostic early biomarkers. It is affordable in price, gentle, painless and does not require costly equipment. This is the first[…]

Developed and owned by Cinvestav (a prestigious mexican research center), this early-stage cervical cancer (CC) diagnostic test identifies a protein (biomarker) that is more expressed in patients with cervical pre-malignant lesions as well as in apparently morphologically “normal” cells that are adj[…]

Process for producing and obtaining a thermostable enzyme preparation with phytase activity within a range of pH values between 4 and 9 to be used as additive in poultry feed.[…]

Chitosan-based wound dressing that stimulates the closure, neovascularization and permanent regeneration of dermis in diabetic feet’s ulcers. It reduces the risk of amputation in patients.This innovation can also be used to prevent or treat wound and burn infections, not only due to its intrinsic an[…]

This technology consists of a servomechanism system that points heliostat facets in a central tower scheme where individual mirrors are included and inclined in such a way that they can redirect incident solar radiation to a solar energy receptor over the receptor installed on top of the tower. The […]

This technology is a solid-state electronic application that guarantees the protection and elimination of safety risks associated with unsafe working conditions caused by a short circuit or energy overflow.[…]

Developed and owned by CINVESTAV, a Mexican Research Center, TvMex is an immunoenzymatic assay to detect specific Trichomonas vaginalis (Tv) antibodies in patient’s blood samples (including serum and plasma). This technology is based on the specific interaction of recombinant Tv antigens with antibo[…]

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