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  • Heliostat and heliostats array

    Description of the tech for sale A heliostat is a mirror that tracks the sun and reflects its light to a constant position throughout the day. The position (referred to as the target) collects the radiation of the Sun and it can be use ...

  • Natural detox and antiox OTC.

    Description of the tech for sale We have developed Klinobind®, a mineral-based supplement that acts in the body as a micro-filter (detox) and helps neutralize free radicals in a natural way (antioxidant). Our product traps heavy ...

  • Polyphenolic extract from avocado seeds.

    Description of the tech for sale The preservation of a majority of foods requires additives that stop or slow the process of degradation, additives among which antioxidants can be found. Various studies have explored the possible us ...

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